It’s Not Always Summer

For the sharing part of my project, I printed copies of my poem and put them into newspaper boxes all down Broadway. The reason I didn’t film this was because I attached the video URL to the bottom of my poem that I put in the newspaper boxes so I had to create a video before I shared it. That way, if someone read my poem and was interested in it, they could search up my video.
Here’s my poem:

It’s Not Always Summer

It’s not always summer
here on main street
the fleet of feet pounding on the concrete
the discrete sweet heat depleting energy, downbeat
and retreat from the red heat to rinse the sleet sheet
and rest and replete our dull feet.

It’s not always summer
here at my coffee shop
where girls in tank tops and flip flops order soda pops
and hop to the round top where they flop and talk non stop, and swap ginger pop
spilling slop upon my counter tops
watching my mop in the backdrop.

It’s not always summer
here at the grocery
the celery all glittery and glimmery from grotesquely gaudery pesticides
the leathery lastery tomatoes, the periphery papery
and priggery grocers whose misery translates to deletery mockery
the greenery engulfed by fluttery flies that duncery cling to the grocery like drapery

It’s not always summer
but right now,
it is.


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